Department of Business Law

Lund University School of Economics and Management

LL.M/MSc Programme in European and International Tax Law

Established in 2010, the Master's Programme in European and International Tax Law has been the first specialised graduate programme of this kind in Scandinavia. It has been designed to meet the market’s demand for cutting-edge knowledge on multi-jurisdictional tax issues.

It is an intense one year, high level educational experience consisting of a combination of courses in direct and indirect tax law studied from a European and international perspective. Thanks to a unique programme design students gain exposure to all areas of taxation in the first semester and are offered two specialisations during the second semester. The programme builds on the students’ knowledge of their own tax systems. This approach allows for the most efficient and comprehensive way of exploring the field.

The programme offers a great opportunity to law, business or economics graduates and tax law professionals from around the world to deepen their understanding of the field and broaden career prospects. The completion of the programme guarantees excellent grounding for becoming a tax law expert and confronting the challenges of the global economy: sound knowledge and great analytical competences.

The Department of Business Law offers high standard facilities and one of the best environments in the world for tax law studies. Among the teaching staff is Prof. Cécile Brokelind and Senior Lecturer Marta Papis- Almansa. Guest lecturers, highly specialiced in this topic, including tax practitioners, are coming to Lund providing students with practical insights.

Recent graduates of the programme work as tax lawyers, tax consultants for law firms, multinational corporations, governments and tax authorities. Some of the alumni continue studies in tax law at doctoral level.

For more information on the structure, content and objectives of the programme please see MEIT Programme Documents.